Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why do I need to log in to Instagram to keep solving puzzles?
    CircleGram is a lot more fun when you're logged into your Instagram account and able to like photos and follow new people. Plus, if you upgrade, being logged in allows you to solve puzzles from your feed or from your own collection of photos. The Instagram API by which CircleGram obtains puzzles also limits requests from users who aren't logged in.
  • If I like a photo or follow an Instagram user within CircleGram, does that carry through to my Instagram account?
    Yes, CircleGram passes your likes and follows on to Instagram, which treats them just as if they'd been done inside Instagram.
  • What if I can't solve a puzzle?
    Just tap the "Skip" button and go on to the next puzzle.
  • How do I change the background music?
    You can choose music from your iTunes library by holding down the sound icon on the CircleGram landing screen.
  • How does the timer work?
    You have as long as you like to complete any puzzle, but to receive points for it, you need to solve it before the timer counts down to zero. Additionally, you receive bonus points for speed if you complete the puzzle while the time shown on the timer is still yellow.
  • If I upgrade CircleGram, will I have to pay on both my iPhone and iPad?
    No, as long as your iPhone and iPad share the same iTunes account, your purchase will carry over between devices. You may have to go through the motions on the second device, but your device should recognize that you have already purchased the CircleGram upgrade through your iTunes account.

Still Need Help?

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